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Trips, Slips and Falls- Some Statistics

Trips, slips and falls are the most common injuries in the United States. Every year a lot of Americans get injured due to slips, falls, and trips. This type of accident causes not only painful injuries to the victim but also causes many deaths every year. Sometimes the damage becomes so major that the victim becomes a disabled person due to the injury of vital body parts. Trips, slips and falls, this type of accidents can cause broken bones, severe head injury, dislocated disc, and make you disabled from the normal activities of life.

Trips, and Falls Injuries – What Statistics Show?
One can conclude that trips or falls injuries are the mistake of the victim. But the truth is that it is not always true. Ensuring the safety of the pedestrian is the duty of the property owner. So the victim has the right to complain against the property owner. Here is some statistics which shows that this type of accidents is very common in America and many people are a victim of it on a daily basis.

  • Over million people in America fall victim to trip, slip and fall every year.
  • Many of the injured people get disabled due to a major injury to vital body parts and go out of work, and the number is around 0.3 million per year.
  • Around 17,000 people died because of this kind of accident every year which questions your safety when you are on the road or in the workplace.
  • For compensating the disabled workmen, there is seen the cost of over $10 billion every year which causes a huge loss to the businesses.
  • At last, statistics show that pedestrians and workers are not always safe while they are out. So, everyone must be concerned about this, and they should remind that they will have legal help against the property owner in case of these injuries.

Premises Liability Laws- What’s Your Right according to any Slip and Fall Attorney Philadelphia?

Premises liability laws are imposed by the state to help the people who get injured or killed on others property due to the carelessness or negligence of the owner of the property. This law varies from state to state in America, as stated by slip and fall lawyers Philadelphia. But premises liability laws ensure that if you get injured on another’s property, the responsibility of that accident belongs to the property owner because he could not keep it safe or provide the proper alert of the danger in his premises.

Your Right- What Can You Do?
According to slip and fall attorneys Philadelphia, in case you get a severe injury on another person or businesses property, you have every right to file a case against the property owner under the premises liability law. As the property belongs to the proprietor, it is his responsibility to warn the people of the danger in that area. The common liability that a property owner has and he has to warn others for this are given below.

  • Slip, Trip and Fall warning.
  • The possibility of a dog attack.
  • The existence of any toxic elements.
  • Gas or firewarning.
  • Dangerous tools and equipment.

The points mentioned above are the liability to the owner to provide it to the people as per any slip and fall lawyer Philadelphia. If he doesn’t make a warning to the people and any people get injured or killed due to this, it is all his responsibility, and he will be liable to this accident.
So, if you are a victim of this kind of event, you have the right to file a case against the property owner under premise liability laws. For having a case, you need to consult with experienced expert personal slip and fall lawyers. He can handle your case and advise you what you should do then. Anyone in Philadelphia can contact our PPhiladelphia slip and fall attorneys without any hesitation in the event of any personal injury to represent your premises liability case.

What Legal Help You Need in Slip and Fall Accidents from a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Attorney

Slip and fall accidents are dangerous accidents that can cause massive damage to any vital part of your body like knee ligament sprains, ankle fractures, spinal cord and head injuries, etc. It can make you disabled or paralyzed in the case of serious accidents. It may also cause death to many victims. This type of accident is not the liability of yours. It’s the liability of the owner of the property. As he owns the property, he has the responsibility to warn the people, if there is any hazard in that area. If he doesn’t do so, he is guilty under the premises liability laws. So, then the victim has the right to file a case against the property owner to compensate his loss and bear all the hospital expenses.

If you fall victim to such kind of accident you can contact a slip and falls Philly law firm to get justice. The Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer firms can provide you every possible legal help to you. He can advise you on what to do and how you can proceed against the property owner.

Firstly, the attorney will find out if the fall is your fault or not. If he concludes that it was not your fault, then he will go for the further investigation. Secondly, He can go to the place where the accident occurred and collect the evidence from there. He can also interrogate the owner of the property. Also, he may look at the video evidence also. He will also find out if the accident occurred due to the permanent or temporary condition. If the accident took place due to snow ice or slipping materials due to weather condition, then the guilt of the owner will be less. But if the crash occurred due to a permanent condition like structural defect of that area, the owner will be seriously guilty.

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