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The SEPTA (Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority), is the 6th biggest rapid transit system in and around the areas of Philadelphia, serving millions of commuters. It network consist of buses, subway lines, regional trains, and trollies. Accidents do happen in any of these SEPTA transports causing harm and physical injuries to their riders.

For SEPTA accidents, the cases may require the expertise of a top caliber Philly SEPTA crash attorney affiliated in a reputable Philadelphia SEPTA law company. Why? The legal disputes of SEPTA are entirely different in nature if compared to an ordinary personal injury lawsuit.

How to enforce your rights after a SEPTA accident?

There are instances where a SEPTA accident will not involve collision with another vehicle or person. The areas wherein the SEPTA transport system can be held accountable for your injury are:

  • Spillages on the floor of SEPTA vehicles and train stations
  • Negligence in maintaining the station facilities
  • Malfunction of the product design
  • Defects found in the vehicle
  • Inadequate security forces in the stations or vehicles
  • Defective equipment on SEPTA transport system

If in doubt whether your personal injury is inclusive of the SEPTA accident regulations, it would be advisable to consult a SEPTA crash law firms that have a good number of SEPTA accident attorneys who can handle your case and bring a favorable outcome.

What you need to know about SEPTA accidents and securing compensation?

SEPTA accidents are considered to be complex cases because they are not the usual fender-bender personal injury cases. SEPTA transport system is regarded a public entity under the Pennsylvania law. For anyone to successfully recover losses after a SEPTA accident, the following must be taken into consideration with the presence of a SEPTA accident lawyer:

  • Time limitations

The injured person has at least two years from the time the accident happened to file a lawsuit. As for the victims of SEPTA, a notice of claim is within six months only. If you failed to comply with the statute limitations your right to claim is restricted.

  • Economic recovery limitations

Under the Pennsylvania state law, a victim of SEPTA accident has limited recovery of a maximum $250,000. If more than one person is injured, a $1M cap is applied to cover the accident as a whole. In the event the victim and family failed to do the necessary action on time, these funds may no longer be available for recovery. This is why it’s vital that a SEPTA accident lawyer must handle this case in order for a SEPTA accident victim to get the maximum compensation.

  • Interplay between state and city laws

The SEPTA network system operates beyond the city of Philadelphia (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and neighboring countries). Expect the laws of the city to work in conjunction with Pennsylvania state laws covering SEPTA accidents. Your hired accident law firm must be knowledgeable of these laws and your legal rights as a commuter.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a SEPTA accident, don’t waste time. Call right away a SEPTA accident lawyer and schedule a private meeting. In the event your injuries prevent you from going to their law firm office, rest assured one of our attorneys expert in SEPTA accidents will come to wherever hospital you are confined and hear your story.

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