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How Can Philadelphia Workers Compensation Attorneys Help?

If you have been injured while at work, your first step is to seek an experienced legal representative in Philadelphia with specialization in Workers Compensation.

Suffering from work-related injury can be a tough time, not only on your part but also to your loved ones. The whole process of filing the Workers’ Compensation Claim in Pennsylvania can be time- consuming, energy draining and at times stressful, especially if you had to recover from a serious physical injury. Remember, there are legal documents needed to support and validate your injury claim, plus the fact that legal terms can be hard to understand. The presence of a Philly workers compensation lawyer comes very valuable at this challenging moment. Free Consultation is offered with no obligation. You can consult a workers’ compensation lawyers about your injury case. In the event, you become a victim of work-related injury and would like to bring enlightenment to your legal rights, choose a legal representative that has a solid background in laws mandated for Workers Compensation Claims.

What to do after suffering a workplace injury or showing signs of occupational disease?

There are at least 3 easy-to-follow steps that you need to follow in the event you have suffered a workplace injury or showing signs of acquiring an occupational disease:

Step #1 – Get a full medical assessment.

Step #2 – Inform immediately your employer about the incident of work related injury or occupational disease.

Step #3 – Avail the Free Consultation offered by the Philadelphia Workers Compensation legal firms.

Our law office firm is here to assist with any inquiries or concerns relating to Workers Compensation. It’s crucial that you as a worker after an incident resulting in your injury or illness that you report this issue direct to your employer within 120-day. If you failed to report your work-related injury or occupational disease within the 120-day window, you will automatically lose your rights to any compensation claim or benefits.

Under the law, you are legally responsible to report your injury to your employer or face the consequences of losing your compensation claim. You don’t need to wait, the soonest possible time you can inform your employer about the injury or illness, the better for you. There are strict deadlines that apply to workers compensation claims and hiring the legal services of an expert lawyer in workers compensation will give you the assurance that your case is well taken care.

Getting the Benefits You Deserve

Your employer’s insurance provider may not disclose the different benefits that workers can be entitled under the Workers Compensation Claim laws. If you don’t know any of them, below are the common types of compensation claims that you may receive:

  • Loss of wages

This covers any earnings you will lose after the injury and while still under recovery stage.

  • Scarring

Additional compensation can be claimed if you suffer serious scarring from the head, face or neck.

  • Permanent damage/loss

Any worker who suffered permanent damage/loss like amputation or permanent disability will receive a lump sum amount on top of the other regular workers compensation benefits.

It’s the wisest decision to consult a workers compensation attorney and get started with the fast track filing of your Worker’s Compensation Claim. Call us now and speak with any of our certified legal advisers.

Philadelphia Workers Compensation Lawyers

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Call 888-734-6587 for a risk free consultation.