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Philadelphia Slip And Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents happen in situations when an individual suffered personal injury by falling, tripping or slipping. The slip, fall or trip accident can be due to a dangerous condition of the premises like poor lighting, uneven flooring, slippery floor, or bad weather (rainy or snowy weather). There are also cases of slip, fall and trip that arise due to obstructions or hazards not completely visible.

Slip and Fall Accident Law

Based on the Philadelphia negligence laws, it usually covers any type of accidents including slip and fall accidents. All property owners of buildings and establishments have a legal duty of care to ensure that their properties are well maintained and safe for their occupants and visitors.

The legal duty of care also includes overseeing their premises, both inside and outside and that no structural defects could lead to slip or fall accidents. In some states, the property owner is required to eliminate or at least prevent the issue of slip or fall accident due to bad weather like icy areas or stagnant water. Other examples according to an experienced Philadelphia slip and fall attorney include:

  •         Poorly lighted areas
  •         Cracks or holes in the sidewalks
  •         Cracks or holes in the parking areas
  •         Uneven tile flooring
  •         Snow filled areas
  •         Icy patches
  •         Water on the floor
  •         Loosened carpet, floor mats and rugs

There are instances where the victim is not completely aware the real cause of the slip or fall accident. This is why it’s crucial that a thorough investigation is performed by your reputable law firms to ensure the true source of the accident is verified.

Types of injuries that can arise after a slip and fall accident

Injuries involving the head can range from mild to severe (traumatic) and can lead to lifelong cognitive issue and debilitation. Falls are among the common causes of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and often occur to children and elderly people.

Back and spinal column injuries are also very painful and often lead to serious complications like paralysis and loss of sensory and mobility.

  • Sprains, fractures and dislocations

A slip or fall accident could lead to a sudden impact on the ground or a stationary object, leading to different cases of injuries.

Are you or a loved one been hurt due to a bad fall or slip in a Philadelphia property? It’s crucial that evidences at the scene are preserved in the event the slip and fall lawyers recommended filing a lawsuit.

Among the evidences that you or loved one should have gathered right after a slip or fall accident are names and contact details of witnesses, conditions that led to the accident (such as poor lighting, uneven pavement) and be sure to take photos if possible. Don’t forget also to report the accident to the owner of the property or building administrator.

Where to get legal help for a slip or fall accident?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in Philadelphia due to a slip or fall accident, getting legal advice from a top performing Philly trip and fall attorney must be done immediately. You can also contact a credible slip and fall law firm to evaluate your slip and fall accident. The initial consultation from attorneys specializing in slip and fall accidents are also offered for FREE.

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyers

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