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Thousands of individuals in U.S. each year get involved in car accidents, leading to serious injuries or worse death. In Pennsylvania alone, approximately 80,000 of reported injuries are from car crash accidents based in a 2014 report.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a Philadelphia car accident and suffered serious physical injuries or been killed, a top caliber car accident attorney in Philadelphia can help you. Don’t lose your chance to claim just compensation. The immediate action you should do for now is give the car accident law firm quick call and book for a one-on-one consultation for free.

How much will I receive?

Covered in the Pennsylvania law are the “first party (PIP) benefits” and “third party benefits”.  PIP refers to Personal Injury Protection and this is paid regardless who to blame. The payment usually includes medical expenses and loss of earnings covering a specified amount. A Pennsylvania insurance policy must cover at least $5,000 on medical benefits, while the earnings and collision coverage can be optional.

Third party benefits are paid by the defendant’s insurance firm and only payable if another driver is at fault. This type of claim also includes pain and suffering, remaining balances on medical bills, loss of earnings and property damage if you don’t have collision coverage.

Can a Car Accident Attorney Philadelphia help?

When facing a critical issue on a complicated case of car accident and wish to know your legal rights, a reputable Philadelphia auto accident attorney can really be of assistance. Keep in mind, have the best car accident lawyers in Philadelphia to evaluate your car accident can give you assurance of getting the UM benefits, either from your car insurance policy or family member’s car insurance. In the event no one in your family owns a car, there is a limited fund set by the state where you can still recover up to $15,000. For you to be eligible for this state fund, you have to comply with their requirements.

Common causes of car accidents

Most of reported vehicle collisions reported in national and state include these common causes:

  • Drinking under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Distractive driving (use of cellphones , interacting with your passenger, searching for items, personal grooming like applying make-up or fixing hair, eating, smoking and drinking)
  • Bad driving habits like over speeding, not signaling when changing lanes
  • Driver is still a minor

What to do after a car accident?

If you and your companion had a car accident, the following actions are considered to be important:

Find a safe place

If you and your companion aren’t severely harmed, find a safe place while waiting for the policemen. On the other hand, if you or your companion has suffered injuries the best thing to do is turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers that you need immediate assistance. If the accident happened in a dark area, you can use your flares to signal other drivers that you need help.

Contact 911 and police

Immediately to notify them about the incident and that you are in need of assistance. You can also call the police to investigate on the scene. Don’t make any attempt to leave the scene if another person is badly injured because you can face criminal charges for hit and run.

Get enough information

Information is vital, not only for your insurance claim, but also if you need to file a lawsuit. If other driver is involved in this collision, get the driver’s name and passengers, plate number, car model, insurance details. You can also take the names of witnesses present. You can also get the names of the police officer who responded your call.

Notify your insurance company

Even if you are still overwhelmed after the car accident, it’s vital that you notify your insurance company the soonest possible time. Be sure to provide complete details of this incident like the location, injuries you and/or your passenger suffered, damages on your car and belongings and other facts that will be useful when filing your insurance claim.

Preserve records

Medical records must be preserved in the event your car accident law firm recommends you file a lawsuit. Among these records that are considered to be relevant for your car accident case are:

–          Written reports of your medical condition in the event you suffered serious injuries

–          Check-ups and visits with your doctor, physical therapist or chiropractor.

–          Medical bills

–          Prescriptions

–          Laboratory results

If your present condition prevents you from reporting to work, be sure to include these records of your leave of absences.

Don’t disclose the details of your car accident with anyone

Telling anyone about your car accident isn’t advisable according to an experienced car accident law firms because the other insurance firm may hear your story and would try to convince you for a lower settlement. If you are in doubt or have no real idea on what is the right thing to do after a car accident, talk to a Philly lawyers that has a solid background in vehicle accidents. A top-notch car accident attorney can help you win this case and get the maximum compensation.

Serious injuries that can proceed to a lawsuit

Traumatic injuries usually take longer to heal and recover.  If you or a loved one has suffered any of the following, you can still file a lawsuit to get the compensation you really deserve:

  •         Loss of a limb or limbs
  •         Permanent disfigurement
  •         Permanent disability
  •         Head and brain injuries
  •         Spinal injuries
  •         Serious burns
  •         Death

If the effect of the car accident is permanent like the loss of a loved one, with the expertise of car accident attorneys in Philly, you can get the maximum payouts to compensate this great loss.

If the car accident happened in Philadelphia, should you contact a Car Accident Philadelphia Law Firm?

Yes, this is the best thing to do if you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in Philadelphia is contact a car accident Philadelphia law firms because they can provide you with a team of legal experts in car, truck and other driving related accidents. They have proven track record of winning similar cases because of they know the laws that cover Pennsylvania and they will fight hard to ensure clients they get the right compensation.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers

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Call 888-734-6587 for a risk free consultation.